The Mission of The Community

                                                             The Mission of The Community


If you were to ask, “what is the mission of the Kink Community,” you’re likely to receive a myriad of responses. After all, our community is not some monolithic breed of kinky practitioners, but a spectrum of passionate and diverse players who pursue BDSM, Leather, bondage, pain, silliness, M/s, rope, vinyl, and a tapestry of other desires. At the heart of the community, however, lies our desire, our need, and responsibility toward education. The diversity of our community-driven educational resources molds what and how we define this mission. By incorporating a range of perspectives and knowledge, the community can supply the tools for those just beginning their kink journey, and it can also be a valuable library for those who want to learn something new and exciting.  

Education in the kink community is a necessary philosophy, especially considering the range of the activities we often pursue. From protocols, to play-partners, to… “are you sure that’s the right knot you tied,” the constant need for education makes itself undoubtedly known. But it’s not some part-time fancy that exists only in presentations and discussion groups; it’s a continual process, from the manners we use, casually and formally, to the physical and intimate play, to the general and detailed safety procedures we instill. The mission of education demonstrates our resolute responsibility to the community as whole, no matter what flavor of kink entices your desires.

Educational organizations like smOdyssey exist throughout the Bay area. You can easily fill up your calendar with daily events, munches, or discussion groups with the sea of educational groups in the Bay area; they span the spectrum. Educational resources are available for newbies, the more advanced, and for the rest of us who lie somewhere in between. These groups strive to help those who yearn for the knowledge of kinkology and those who want to create a safe and consensual environment where relationships can thrive.

I’ve been part of the public community—off and on—for 20 years in TX, CO, and CA, during this time, I’ve learned what the driving quest of education is and must be, safety. Constant attentiveness for safety must be a central tenet in our community. I’ve too often seen new and veteran kinksters deploy the notion that since they were either knowledgeable or experienced, they didn’t need to follow safety practices. It goes something like this: “I’m going to teach the correct way to do this (whatever it is—needles, rope, wax, whipping, etc.) but I’m also going to teach you the way I do it.” Needless to say, this sends the wrong message to everyone in the community, especially the kinksters just entering the lifestyle. Remember, if you describe yourself as someone who’s been in the scene since the creation of the universe—in person or online—people will watch you, follow you, and will use your example as a guide…

It’s bad enough that widespread, incorrect, and gut-wrenching versions of kink have distorted what kink actually is—CSI, Gotham, Seven, 50 Shades of…—I won’t say it. We need to rectify these fantasy-driven and vilified views so that those who enter the lifestyle will understand what the kink lifestyle truly is and not carry warped views like, “I’m a dom and can do anything I want... because I’m a Dom. 

- L. L. Nobilis


In the coming months, other articles, commentaries, and critiques will be posted for the community.