General Feedback Survey Aggregated Feedback

Preamble to feedback responses

First, we want to thank you for giving us feedback, and we want to encourage you to ask your friends, partners, and others in the community to continue to give feedback in this and future surveys. We want this feedback in order to better serve our community and ensure we are spending our volunteers time productively and valuing everyone who works with us. We will be leveraging this feedback to help make tactical and structural changes to the organization where it makes sense. The purpose of this initial survey was to get a baseline and find out how we were serving the community and from there we want to do a deeper dive into the organization.

We have removed any identifying statements and randomized the feelings and recommended changes so they can not be linked to any one individual. Some of you chose to provide contact information so we can send you future surveys, this information will not be posted and we have created an email list that the survey author will maintain to inform you of additional surveys directly.

The smOdyssey board has drafted a response to the feedback which can be viewed here - smOdyssey response to general feedback

The survey consists of 3 main questions, 'Are you a member?', 'What are your feelings about smOdyssey?', and 'Would you be willing to give feedback?'

Feelings Toward smOdyssey

  • Went to a play party in the South Bay many years ago. Was alone so no chance to play.
  • I enjoy the company. Wonderful group to spend time with.
  • Neither happy nor unhappy
  • I like our book club and D/s in the middle.
  • Im not sure what my membership fee is for if 90% of the events are free and there are rarely classes and parties.
  • Job well done on discussion groups, new munch
  • I have not participated in the organization's events, in part because of the past leadership. I do support south bay organizations, though.
  • We haven't really had much time or need to participate in many activities, so haven't really bonded with the organization, but we support it because it's important to have available and we'd like to be more involved.
  • My main interest in SMO was via NWLC and to a lesser extent FolsomFringe. It's not involved in either to my knowledge and NWLC is all the way in Sac now.
  • Not familiar with org but presume good intent being in BDSM community
  • I don't know much about it
  • I'm in the East Bay, so it's challenging for me to get to many events.
  • Many of the events that I would find interesting are at times that are challenging for me to make.
  • Just feel like I really don’t fit there, not welcomed
  • We're not that active in the community, and so don't do a lot (mostly we attend the Sunday munch, which we love)
  • Opportunities to meet people.
  • I'm neither delighted nor frustrated.
  • Went to a few munches after joining and wasn't made to feel welcome and in general ignored after making an effort to fit in as a "newbie".
  • I haven't attended an orientation session yet. I bet all y'all are a great community anchor & resource....I just don't know who you are yet.
  • I think it is the community in general. There is nothing really going on.
  • The events are mostly discussion groups or lectures.
  • Mostly it is rebounding from the negative feeling I had in the past
  • Still finding their feet in a changed climate



Recommended changes

  • Grow the organization, connect with more people, play events would be good
  • Make current members and especially long-time members aware of the value  of new members of what they have to offer and their desire to learn.
  • It would be nice there was fun activities like a picnic, days out to places, and of course play parties. How about a nice vanilla dinner at a nice middle of the road dinner?
  • It would be nice to have some more events.
  • Have more engaging events like hands on workshops and/or parties.
  • More classes
  • Not enough happening in the south bay. More outreach? More variety in event times? Some play events? We don't have a venue of our own but it still feels like some third party venues like dance or martial arts studios or gyms or photo studios or who knows what could accommodate occasional events. Even if more expensive than some usual $20 - and perhaps on sliding scale.
  • Nothing at this point
  • Increase the membership cost and make it more exclusive with better benefits. Maybe 
  • More outreach to LGBT groups, more events/classes on weekend days/afternoons.
  • Not having events all on the same day.
  • More local parties and classes
  • Clearer mission and focus. 
  • More bang for my buck
  • I'd like a big weekend event, but maybe SMO just isn't for me.
  • Hold more classes, both play and D/s, M/s related
  • More stuff to do. Craft night was interesting.
  • I'm not sure.  Community-wise, it would be nice to have a space closer than SF or Oakland, but that's not necessarily smOdyssey's role to play.
  • More inclusive 
  • Nothing? I think you meet at a Denny's that's kinda far from me and i would be more likely to come out if you met in San Jose ? Or maybe I don't know what's going on.
  • I don't know
  • More FemDomme and male sub mixer parties. CFnm parties maybe? Seem to be more popular than regular ones. Ladies don't get heavy cruised as much if the males are blindfolded or restrained during the CFnm parts. 
  • Have more events on weekends or maybe in places that are easier for your far-flung members to get to.
  • I don't know.... Find a venue space perhaps? Not a full-time dedicated dungeon or community center, just a place that can be used for classes & meetings & etc. 
  • I don't have a great answer as I think the things you're doing are fine.